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Field of Interest Grants & Amounts Available for 2020 Grant Applications

Applications for the 2020 Grant Cycle are due October 25, 2019

$78,649 is available for field of interest programs during the 2020 Grant Cycle.

Civic Improvement: available for collaborative project(s) to benefit or serve Iron Mountain, Kingsford, and Breitung Township communities.

Available: $3,546

Community Health: available for youth and senior health related programs i.e. programs designed to reduce behavioral risk factors, substance abuse, alcohol / binge drinking, smoking cessation, depression, and to encourage healthy activities. Available: $2,070

Environmental: available for projects that improve or create methods of enhancing natural resources in the area. 

Available: $4,229

Fine Arts: available for projects in the area of theatrical, musical and performing arts. 
Available: $4,579

Health Care: available for programs involved in prevention, primary physical health care, educational and other health related services. Available: $3,651

Homeless Prevention: available for programs which provide assistance to people in need to prevent loss of homes.

Available: $5,478

Hunger: available to organizations which provide food to people in need.

Available: $3,524

Kellogg Youth: available to applicants from the Iron Mountain / Kingsford Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) for youth-related programs. Available: $19,517

The Norway Area Community Foundation (NACF) and the Crystal Falls Area Community Foundation (CFACF) will also award $23,669.

Norway Affiliate: available for programs in the Norway community area. 

Available: $6,130

Norway Kellogg Youth: available to applicants from the Norway Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) for youth-related programs. Available: $3,373

Forest Park Youth: available to applicants from the Forest Park Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) for youth-related programs. Available: $18,687

Crystal Falls Community Project: available for community projects in the Crystal Falls area.

 Available: $716

2019 Awarded Scholarships

The Dickinson Area Community Foundation and its affiliates Crystal Falls & Norway Area Community Foundations and the Dickinson County Hospital Foundation awarded the scholarships to the following recipients: (High school appears in parentheses) 

Dickinson Area Community Foundation

Anne Look Education: Total $18,000 ($1,500 x 4 years)

Natalie Dykhuis (Iron Mountain) $6,000

Annie McCole (Kingsford) $6,000

Katherine Leiker (Norway) $6,000

Association of Student Artists (ASA) $600

Anna Anderson (Norway)

Bill Baciak Memorial $500

Noah Jacko (Kingsford)

Blomquist Family $4,000 ($1,000 x 4 years)

Zachary Depotie (North Dickinson)

Ron Caviani $500

Kurtis Reath (Iron Mountain)

Richard J Debelak $6,000 ($1,500 x 4 years)

Brandon Malburg (Iron Mountain)

Robert Forgette $4,000 ($1,000 x 4 years)

Connor Edwards (Kingsford)

Carolee Dodge Francis Youth Community Service $500

Jacquelyn Rollins (Iron Mountain) $250

Quinlan Bray (Iron Mountain) $250

Lenore M. Gibson $880 ($220 x 4 years)

Kira Peters (Kingsford)

Golden K $1,500

Peyton Carlson (Iron Mountain) 

Millie Hagerup Nursing: Total $12,000

Emily DeForge (Iron Mountain) $6,000 ($1,500 x 4 years)

Marcus Kazianka (Kingsford) $6,000 ($1,500 x 4 years)

Gordon & Irma Johnson $1,000

Katrina Townsend (North Dickinson)

Kingsford High School $12,000

Luke Terrian (Kingsford) $4,000 ($1,000 x 4 years)

Olivia Allen (Kingsford) $4,000 ($1,000 x 4 years)

Kylah Erickson (Kingsford) $4,000 ($1,000 x 4 years)

Ethel Lind - Grace United Methodist Church $600

Ada VanHolla (Norway)

Liu Spirtas Niagara Worldwide $2,000

Matthew Moreau (Kingsford) $1,000

Jacob Maxon (Iron Mountain) $1,000

Nancy Morin Memorial $500

Austin Tripp (Niagara) $250

Jennifer Olson (Niagara) $250

Donald E Nelson & Margaret L Nelson $7,000

Joseph Roell (North Dickinson) $1,000

Emily Forstrom (North Dickinson) $1,000

Kaitlyn Cousineau (North Dickinson) $1,000

Samantha Borvan (North Dickinson) $4,000 ($1,000 x 4 years)

Gust K Newberg Construction $32,000 ($8,000 x 4 years)

Jacob Maxon (Iron Mountain) $8,000

Colin Erickson (Kingsford) $8,000

Austin Janssen (Norway) $8,000

Joseph Roell (North Dickinson) $8,000

Nurses Memorial of Dickinson County $3,000

Faith Bal (Iron Mountain) $1,000

Katrina Townsend (North Dickinson) $2,000 in memory of
Nancy Theisen of Kingsford, Michigan

Robert J. Peterson Eagle Scout $500

Seoirse Eamonn Weed (Iron Mountain)

Rotary $6,000

Tori Kowalkowski (Kingsford) $2,000

Riley Paupore (Iron Mountain) $2,000

Jacob Maxon (Iron Mountain) $2,000


Thornberry Family $1,000

Jonathan Schmutzler (Kingsford) $500

Nicholas Kleikamp (Norway) $500

Waves Swim Memorial $250

Ailie Schoenborn

Crystal Falls Area Community Foundation


Amasa Gibson $700

Laina Toivonen

Donald and Jean Boulanger $500

Nathan Johnson

Crystal Falls Business Association $200

Arron Stebic

Crystal Falls Forest Park Retired Teachers $385

Cassidy Divine

Dahms Family $4,200

Kaden Graves $2,100

Nathan Johnson $2,100

Terry Divine $300

Claudia Nocerini

Gus & Vi Eckola $130

Claudia Nocerini

Robert & Jeana Flood Family $4,000 ($1,000 x 4 years)

Arron Stebic

Forest Park Alumni $250

Sydney Toivonen

Forest Park Humanities $400

Destiny Ferrara

Forest Park Science $400

Madison Thoreson

Forest Park Technical/Vocational $400

John Frizzo

Lillian Galbraith Community Service $1,000

Elle Soderberg

Gladys Henskey Christ United Methodist $450

Luke Feldhausen

Gladys Henskey Memorial $500

Claudia Nocerini

Father Gondek $185

Alexis Jacks

Robert B Hockings $175

Marjia Cornelia

Edward, Lila and Margaret Jacobs $1,000

Arron Stebic $500

Laina Toivonen $500

Howard F Koob Memorial $345

Sean Caron

Irving & Kathleen McLeod $560

Jacob Peterson

Raise Her Up 

Taylor Clark $1,000

Joyce Salmi Memorial 

Nathan Johnson $1,000

Perina Sartori & Gene Sartori $2,000

Cassidy Divine $1,000

Riley Hendrickson $1,000

Anna and Caroline Schmid Memorial $18,000 ($1,500 x 4 years)

Max Nylund $6,000

Sarah Premo $6,000

Taylor Clark $6,000

Paul & Georgia Schook $725

Max Nylund

Clark Schwedler Memorial $1,600 ($400 x 4 years)

Luke Feldhausen

Eugene & Katherine Sedberry $675

Jared Grabowski

Alina Snell $920

Taylor Clark $460

Laina Toivonen $460

Steve Warner Memorial $135

Steve Warner Memorial

Norway Area Community Foundation


Anderson Memorial Hospital (General) $850

Allison Sheski

Anderson Memorial Hospital (Medical) $850

Haley Clifford

Walter Bal $1,500

Austin Janssen

Cameron Family $2,000

Danielle Harms $1,000

Ada VanHolla $1,000

Carrie Elaine DeRidder $600

Katherine Leiker

Disabled Combat Veterans Rememberance Medical $4,000

Amanda Bekkala

Joseph J and Amelia B Nora Memorial $1,500

Ada VanHolla

Elizabeth Tomasoski Memorial $1,000

Anna Anderson

Henry Vielmetti $1,250

Joseph Angeli


2018 Dickinson County Hospital Foundation


Dickinson County Hospital Foundation Employee $4,500

Joy Waldbillig $1,500

Heather Marsicek $1,500

Lauren Roell $1,500

Dickinson County Hospital Foundation Huron Family $1,800

Kimberly Tobey

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