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Dickinson Hospitals' Foundation awards scholarships

Four employees at Marshfield Medical Center – Dickinson were selected to receive a total of $6,875 in scholarships. The Hospitals’ Foundation partnered with the Dickinson Area Community Foundation as well as Marshfield Medical Center – Dickinson in the management, selection process and distribution of both the Employee Scholarship Fund and the Huron Family Memorial Scholarship Fund. Three employees were selected to receive $1,500 each, and one was selected as the recipient of the Huron Family Memorial Scholarship at $2,375. These recipients demonstrated commitment to their medical field, the local hospital, and to the residents of the communities they serve. The Hospitals’ Foundation is proud to award these scholarships in recognition of dedication to furthering their education while serving our community. Pictured: Marina Kuzenny ($1,500 recipient), Tamara Juul, Director of the Hospitals’ Foundation, Shelby Merckx (Huron family member), Madison Bethke (Huron $2,375 recipient), Bob Forgette (Foundation Board Member), Paige Fortner ($1,500 recipient), Susan Hadley (Foundation Board Member), Danielle Harms ($1,500 recipient), and Christie Borchardt, RN, BSN.

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