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What are you most passionate about in your community?

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Multi-Step Donation Form
Our donation form is multi-step. The form below is for tracking 1) where your donation will go (this is the fund), 2) your contact information (e.g., your first and last name, street address including city, state, and zip code), 3) your email address, and 4) the donation amount. What is the purpose of this form? The purpose of this form is to track your donation and the ability to provide a thank you letter to you for your contribution as it is tax deductible. Once the form is completed, select proceed to payment. A new window will appear and you will see our PayPal Giving Fund charity profile (payment method). In this window, select the donation amount from the previous form and enter it in other or select the domination if listed. Select Donate Now and proceed to fill out your payment details. You will receive confirmation from PayPal when your donation is complete. Why do we use PayPal Giving Fund? With the PayPal Giving Fund, PayPal covers all the transaction fees. For example, with PayPal Giving Fund charity profile, you donate $50 we will receive $50. With PayPal, you donate $50, PayPal will take fees (2.9% plus 30 cents per transaction) from the $50 unless the donor assumes the fees, in this case we will receive $50. The PayPal Giving Fund charity profile does not have the capability to capture all of our funds, therefore the multi-step donation form is used. We appreciate your patience and your contributions. 

Multi-Step Donation Form

Today's Date

Please enter a fund name.

Please enter your first and last name.


Please enter your email address.

Donation Amount

We appreciate your donation. Thank you.

If what you are passionate about is not listed above, contact Tamara Juul at 906-774-3131. 


Join us in creating a lasting legacy. Name your charitable fund: we encourage you to honor the name of your family or loved ones. You may choose anonymity or add to an existing fund already in place for your charitable needs.

Your planned gift or bequest puts you in good company today. Tomorrow, your gift will do good works in our community for generations to come. Did you know that you can preserve a portion of your estate for your community?

Research indicates that $3.7 billion will transfer from one generation to the next in Dickinson and Iron counties (Michigan) in the next 50 years. $1.6 million would be generated annually for local community projects and priorities, FOREVER, if 5% of the above-referenced wealth transfer was earmarked for the Dickinson Area Community Foundation.

Your charitable contribution is tax deductible. 

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