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What are you most passionate about in your community?

Donate to one of the following funds below or select Other and let us know which fund you want your donation to apply to. We have provided an opportunity to donate 1) One-time, 2) Monthly, or 3) Yearly.

  • Civic Improvement Fund

  • Community Health Fund

  • Crystal Falls Community Project Fund

  • Fine Arts Fund

  • Healthcare Fund

  • Homeless Prevention Fund

  • Hunger Fund

  • Norway Affiliate Community Fund

  • Veterans Assistance Fund

  • Other (If selected, please designate where the donation should be applied. Otherwise, we will apply the contribution to a fund.)

Note: If you select Monthly or Yearly recurring donations, you will need to set up an account with PayPal.

  1. Add your information and create an account to get started with recurring donations.

  2. Your generous donation to Dickinson Area Community Foundation will be paid each month from your account with PayPal.

  3. You can change or cancel a recurring donation anytime in your account settings.

PayPal donations are subject to fees. If you donate $50, we will not receive $50 due to the fees. Therefore, there is an option for the donor to cover the fees by selecting the checkbox.  

Video Credit: Mountain Media Works

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Join us in creating a lasting legacy. Name your charitable fund: we encourage you to honor the name of your family or loved ones. You may choose anonymity or add to an existing fund already in place for your charitable needs.

Your planned gift or bequest puts you in good company today. Tomorrow, your gift will do good works in our community for generations to come. Did you know that you can preserve a portion of your estate for your community?

Research indicates that $3.7 billion will transfer from one generation to the next in Dickinson and Iron counties (Michigan) in the next 50 years. $1.6 million would be generated annually for local community projects and priorities, FOREVER, if 5% of the above-referenced wealth transfer was earmarked for the Dickinson Area Community Foundation.

Your charitable contribution is tax deductible. 

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