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Northern Lights YMCA, Dickinson County, MI

Dickinson Area Community Foundation, Executive Director, Tamara Juul presents a $250 Mini Grant to Jonathan Ringel at Northern Lights YMCA to support the Community Connect Program. The program helps connect families with economic challenges to local resources and community agencies.

Field of Interest Grants & Amounts Available for 2020 Grant Applications

Applications for the 2020 Grant Cycle are due October 25, 2019

$78,649 is available for field of interest programs during the 2020 Grant Cycle.

Civic Improvement: available for collaborative project(s) to benefit or serve Iron Mountain, Kingsford, and Breitung Township communities.

Available: $3,546

Community Health: available for youth and senior health related programs i.e. programs designed to reduce behavioral risk factors, substance abuse, alcohol / binge drinking, smoking cessation, depression, and to encourage healthy activities. Available: $2,070

Environmental: available for projects that improve or create methods of enhancing natural resources in the area. 

Available: $4,229

Fine Arts: available for projects in the area of theatrical, musical and performing arts. 
Available: $4,579

Health Care: available for programs involved in prevention, primary physical health care, educational and other health related services. Available: $3,651

Homeless Prevention: available for programs which provide assistance to people in need to prevent loss of homes.

Available: $5,478

Hunger: available to organizations which provide food to people in need.

Available: $3,524

Kellogg Youth: available to applicants from the Iron Mountain / Kingsford Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) for youth-related programs. Available: $19,517

The Norway Area Community Foundation (NACF) and the Crystal Falls Area Community Foundation (CFACF) will also award $23,669.

Norway Affiliate: available for programs in the Norway community area. 

Available: $6,130

Norway Kellogg Youth: available to applicants from the Norway Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) for youth-related programs. Available: $3,373

Forest Park Youth: available to applicants from the Forest Park Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) for youth-related programs. Available: $18,687

Crystal Falls Community Project: available for community projects in the Crystal Falls area.

 Available: $716

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