2016 Remembrances
Dickinson Area Community Foundation
Honoring the Memory of:
Roger T. Pedo
Warren J. Brule
Richard "Cussy" Rahoi
Nicholas Muraro
Donald E. & Margaret L. Nelson
Geraldine K. "Jerri" Sanders
David Corlett
Harlan Walters
Elizabeth Tomasoski
Robert T. Hoaglund Sr.
Ardis J. Larsen
Ina B. Rumpf
Jean Scott
Amalia "Molly" Altobelli
Vernell Gendron
Walter Bal
Genevieve Nepper
Rudolph M. "Rudy" Maki
Tracy J. Wales
Carl A. Izzo
Maurice J. "Maurey" English
Nancy Theisen
Lillian Galbraith
Robert "Bob" Rigoni
Clark Schwedler
David "Chaps" Anderson
Frank Smith
Donald Legault
Blomquist Family
Neil B. Tuchalski
Ron Caviani
Stephen Soltis
James Petroff
As a new year begins we would like to take the time to remember and pay tribute to the memories of loved ones. Dickinson Area Community Foundation has received contributions over the past year made in the memory of the above individuals and are honoring their memory.